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Q: What is Your Return & Refund Policy

A: Returns and Refund Policy:

As all of our products are custom hand made to the purchasers requirements there is a firm "No Return" policy and a firm "No Refund" policy.  We recommend that you ensure you select carefully before purchase in our online shop.
  • Our "Quality Control System" ensures that all furniture is inspected and compliant with our standards prior to being packed for shipment, our transport service then continue the quality control through out the delivery process to ensure your purchase is delivered to you in the same state that we inspected it prior to being shipped. 
  • Should an Item display damage apart form its standard rustic finish then that item can be returned to us for repair or replacement. 
  • Where the item can be returned to our standards via repair, the item will be repaired and returned to the purchaser at no cost to the purchaser instead of replacement. 
  • Where the item in unable to be repaired then it will be replaced and delivered to the purchaser at no cost to the purchaser.


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