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Please browse through our Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to any of your questions relating to our website, if you can't find the answer to your specific question, please feel free to contact us through the Contact Us page of this website.                

QCan I buy a set and then add more chairs to it later?

A: Yes, you can purchase additional pieces of furniture at any time to add to your current set.

QCan I choose the colour of the cushions I want?

A: You can choose your cushion colours from our wide range of our marine grade commercial fabric which is tested to Australian FR standards, UV Stabilised Coloutfastness to light, Microguard treated to inhibit mould and mildew and Barrierguard treated to be stain and abrasion resistant to allow heavy dirt and stain removal.

QCan I have Cafe/Bar stools and chairs made to match the height of my existing cafe or bar?

A: Yes, our stools and chairs can be customised to your specific height requirements, just contact us with you specific measurements.


QCan I have my company logo embroidered onto the seat cushion?

A: Yes, because all the furniture is hand made it can be customised to your requirements.

Any further customisation outside of our standard "Finishes" and standards "Cushion Colours" will need to be quoted separately.  Please be aware that the cushion will no longer be waterproof once the embroidery has been added, and should not be left outside without a roof overhead.

Just contact us with your requirements and we will be more than happy to provide you with a quote.

QCan I pay by Direct Deposit?

A: Yes. you can pay by direct deposit into our account, just contact us for approval prior to ordering online.

QCan I print off an order form and fax or post it to you with payment?

A: Yes you can down load an order form.  Once completed you can then post or fax it to us with your payment, when received we will call you to confirm your order and email or post confirmation to you.


QHow long will it take for my order to be delivered?

A:   Having stream lined our processes, we are happy to announce that from July 2011, we can now deliver your Drum Furniture order within 14 days.  Delivery of Barrel Furniture is still 6 weeks, due to the intensive process of hand crafting each piece.

Take advantage of our new, extended Lay By period  to Lay By for Father's Day or Christmas gifts!  To read more please read the FAQ about our Lay By policy.

QHow long will this furniture last?

A: This outdoor furniture is sturdy and rustic. How long it will last you ask?  Well every 100 years you have to get the galvanized finish regalvanised.  Apart from that they are low to no maintenance.  Apply a good wood oil to the timber areas every six months or so and that will do it.  They will not blow away in the wind or rust.

QWhat are your Opening Hours?

A: Our online shop is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and our team will respond via email and phone Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

QWhat if I break my furniture?

A: WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!  Who are you man!!!!!  Our furniture is hand made and virtually indestructible, you will be going very hard at it to break it. However, if, and I do mean if you did somehow manage to damage what will become your pride and joy, we can arrange to have it shipped to us for repair and return.  This service will be quoted on a repair by repair basis prior to shipping.  Please contact us to arrange a quote.

QWhat is your delivery policy?


Our "Quality Control System" ensures that all furniture is inspected and compliant with our standards prior to being packed for shipment. Our transport service then take every effort to continue the quality control throughout the delivery process to ensure your purchase is delivered to you in the same state that it was shipped.

  • All items are sent and delivered on business days only.

  • Delivery within Victoria is "Door to Door."  If the receiver arranges a delivery time & fails to be at home or the receiver is unable to assist the driver you will be charged a redelivery fee of $26.00.

  • No delivery to PO Boxes.

  • Once goods have left our hands the receiver cannot redirect it to another address.

  • A dispatch email is sent the day goods leave us containing transport Company's phone number and consignment number. Outside of Victoria goods are held at nearest depot and it is up to the receiver to contact the local depot to arrange a day/time when someone (able bodied) is home to assist the courier unload and sign for the goods. 

  • Goods can also be collected from the transport depot.

  • Pick up is possible most weekdays, we recommend that you call the transport depot and confirm the hours of operation and pick up policy prior to pick up.

QWhat is your Lay-By policy?

A:  We are all aware of the increased cost of living in the current political climate & the added strain to the family budget.  With this in mind, Aussie Drum Furniture is happy to offer our clients a new Lay By system.

 The following conditions apply:
1. Lay By must be arranged when you place your initial order.
2. We are happy to extend your Lay By indefinitely provided you make regular payments via Direct Debit each month.  We will send you a Receipt each time you make a payment.
3. Minimum deposit of 25% will be expected when you place your order but no further service fees apply.

These conditions will be discussed with you when you make your initial order.

Given our unusually long Lay By period, why not take the time to place an order for Father's Day or Christmas!  Please be aware that Christmas orders will need to be finalised by late November to allow delivery in early December.

QWhat is Your Return & Refund Policy

A: Returns and Refund Policy:

As all of our products are custom hand made to the purchasers requirements there is a firm "No Return" policy and a firm "No Refund" policy.  We recommend that you ensure you select carefully before purchase in our online shop.
  • Our "Quality Control System" ensures that all furniture is inspected and compliant with our standards prior to being packed for shipment, our transport service then continue the quality control through out the delivery process to ensure your purchase is delivered to you in the same state that we inspected it prior to being shipped. 
  • Should an Item display damage apart form its standard rustic finish then that item can be returned to us for repair or replacement. 
  • Where the item can be returned to our standards via repair, the item will be repaired and returned to the purchaser at no cost to the purchaser instead of replacement. 
  • Where the item in unable to be repaired then it will be replaced and delivered to the purchaser at no cost to the purchaser.


QWhat locations will you deliver to?

A: We can have your new furniture delivered to anywhere in Australia, international deliveries are also available upon request.

QWhat products do you offer?

A: We offer a wide range to Cafe/Bar/Patio custom furniture for both residential and commercial use, please click below to view our online shop.

QWhen did this furniture first start being made?

A: This furniture has been made and developed since 1999, with both Simon & his brother David involved in their initial development.  Over the years different styles and finishes have been researched and developed into what you see today.  The most popular products are provided as our standard range.

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