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Our Couches are custom handcrafted to suit your individual needs, tastes and decor, they come with extra capabilities for storage underneath the seats and feature easily access drinks when fitted with an esky option undrneath.

They are available in original, galvinised and distressed finishes and further sealed with a clear lacquer finish for durability.

You can choose your cushion colours from our wide range of our marine grade commercial fabric which is tested to Australian FR standards, UV Stabilised Coloutfastness to light, Microguard treated to inhibit mould and mildew and Barrierguard treated to be stain and abrasion resistant to allow heavy dirt and stain removal.

Have been used by our customers in a variety of ways, such as in outdoor areas and  patios, as well as the more unusual such as boats and in the back of utes.

Available as single and two seater couches.


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