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  Commercial Pub & Cafe Solutions

Our unique furniture is perfect for pub and corporate applications.  The unique nature of materials used in our designs ensure every piece will reflect its own personality.  Variations can occur in colour, texture, grain and final finished appearance.  These charming variations add to the originality and authenticity and should not be considered defects or flaws.

Our furniture can be completely customised to your corporate colours and have a company logo embroidered onto the cushions, to suit your board room, reception, bar or function rooms.  A customer who fitted out his hotel with this furniture found over the following months that his average takings per head had increased by approximatley 25% which he put
down to the new furniture being so comfortable that his customers stayed longer and hence spent more money.

If you're considering a new project or a refurbishment and want it to stand out from your competitors, Contact Us now!

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